The sublimation of mobile operation APP

In 2020, in this destined extraordinary year, Ningbo Happy Workers will usher in a new chapter.

Ningbo Happy Workers relies on its professional level and mature technology in the new retail field, a professional technical R&D team and an operation management team, and a strong intelligent cloud system development capability. After unremitting efforts, the self-developed operation APP software has been perfected and entered a mature stage. The addition of “OA” and “ERP systems has further enhanced the operation APP software. It also makes the user’s use easier. The operation APP can be mastered in real time. The operation status of the machine, such as: replenishment status, automatic cleaning, out-of-stock warning, sales status, machine status, and many other remote-control managements. Personnel can be managed, such as: OA and ERP system management.

The upgrade of the operation APP means that Ningbo Happy Workers will carry out the next development strategy goal. In the next year, it will not forget its original intention and continue to develop towards the new goal!

Post time: Dec-08-2020