June 6-9, 2018 Ningbo Happy Workers participates in vend Italia 2018 worldwide vending show


June 6-9, VEND ITALIA 2018, worldwide vending show.

Address: Milan, Italy, biennial, tenth Expo.

The exhibition number is A09 B10.

Ningbo Happy Workers Intelligent Technology Co., Ltd.

(Market analysis)

Ningbo Happy Workers is a technology enterprise that provides new vending solutions for platform, hardware, software and terminals. With the professional level and mature technology in the new vending field, as well as the powerful development of intelligent cloud system, from the start of the business, a series of new vending self-service terminals have been launched: The coffee vending machine which combine ice-making, automatic cup dispensing ,auto lid covering ,instant heating system and 43inch touch screen in one machine. frozen food vending machine with a low temperature control of -23 degrees Celsius and slushy ice drink vending machine.

Post time: Jul-24-2019