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Неге біз таңдаңыз?

Біз ғылыми-зерттеу, жобалау, өндіру және сату түтуге технологиялық кәсіпорын болып табылады.

We have pushed out vending machines with self service terminal relying on professional and proven technique in automation area and powerful intelligent cloud system development strength. We rise in vending machine area and major in Coffee Vending Machine, Ice Cream Vending Machine, Frozen Food Vending Machine and Slushy Ice Vending Machine etc. Our freshly grind coffee vending machine combine automatic cup dispending &auto lid covering system and built-in ice making module; our frozen food vending machine keep temperature around -23℃.
Continuous offering reliable, rapid and convenient products with high technology, intelligent cloud platform and meticulous service to customers is our constant pursue. We have professional researching and sales team. At present, we have entered into many countries’markets.

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